Importance of Commenting

Blogging itself has become such an integral part of our society today. In order for a blogger’s site to truly be considered blog, there must be a provided space for comments. Commenting is what makes blogging so unique and why it has grown to be so popular today.

Commenting on blogs is not only beneficial to the author of the blog, but is also extremely beneficial to the commenter.

Through reading comments on one’s blog, the author can learn more about viewer’s thoughts, suggestions, and possible improvements. This can be a very beneficial resource to the author, as it enables them to improve on their blogging.

In most cases, people follow blogs that they are interested in, knowledgeable about, and topics they often blog about themselves. This creates balance among the blogging and commenting. It also provides a sense of validity to the blog and commenter on their thoughts and suggestions.

As I said above, commenting can be just as beneficial for those leaving the comments. By being able to comment, viewers can express what they thought about the post, talk to others about it, or even receive more information on the topic.

On a personal standpoint, you can help direct traffic to your own blog by commenting on other’s blogs. By posting comments, you are helping to force your name to be made in the blogging world. This directs more and more traffic to your own blog, which ultimately benefits you.

As someone that is fairly new to blogging, I have really enjoyed reading and commenting on other’s blogs. I feel as if it is a great tool for expressing our thoughts on the topic, as well as suggesting things to the author.

Blogging is ultimately a useful way to express our thoughts and allow others to comment on what we write. The commenting aspect of blogging is what truly makes it so unique and has attracted so many to the world of blogs today.

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