Ethics in the World of Social Media

Life is all about making choices. As social beings, we are faced with a variety of decisions to make on a daily basis. With every decision placed before us, there is the option to do what we feel is “right” or what we feel is “wrong.” This is the simplest form of ethics, a controversial topic in the world of social media today.

“Ethics is not definable, it is not implementable, because it is not conscious; it involves not only our thinking, but also our feeling,” Brazilian anthropologist, Valdemar W. Setzer said.

Ethics is one’s personal thoughts in distinguishing between what they believe to be correct or incorrect, as viewed upon by society.

The topics of ethics and social media monitoring, definitely do coincide with one another. Although I am an avid user of social networking sites myself, I do believe that there is an abundance of unethical material and practices that occur within this industry.

In another one of my classes, principles of advertising, we often discuss what is considered “ethical” when it comes to the business world and companies. Unfortunately to many companies, “business is business” and they will go to whatever extent to ensure the success of the company, often forgetting all ethical standards.

In class, we discussed how many of us use online reviews or ratings before purchasing a particular product. Our professor went on to further explain that many companies hire people to post high ratings for their company, to make the product seem more attractive. Ethical? I think not.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the many flaws that occur daily within the world of social media. Because of the massive amounts of material running through the internet daily, it is entirely impossible to monitor each thing.

However, more and more companies are beginning to support the idea of further social media monitoring, which will hopefully also help to build up company and consumer trusts again.

Regardless of what a company decides to do, ethics is still a personal thought and we, as consumers must support companies we find to be trustworthy. The world is unfortunately far from a “perfect” place, but as individuals we still have the ability to personally uphold our own integrity and morals.

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3 Responses to Ethics in the World of Social Media

  1. allie3dunne says:

    I really like your view on this question, I didn’t really think of any other reasons why they company would be looking at the prospective employees social media other than to decide if they’re a good person to work there. Your observation that it is to make sure the company or product will look good because of this person makes so much sense. That this social media monitoring could be way more then it seems, yet it seems if you don’t put anything odd or inappropriate out there, it shouldn’t make a huge impact.
    I thought the video you posted worked so well with the topic at hand it really shows how everything is instant on social media sites, and you need to be overly careful. That video should be viewed by every adolescent thinking about getting a facebook, twitter, or tumblr.

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  3. dnlong322 says:

    WOW. That video is crazy….did a doctor really post a picture of a patients brian on Facebook?! OMG! Doesn’t he think that’s kinda crazy? I really think people should find some kind of moral values before just putting everything on the internet. Like I say, if I wouldn’t want my grandma to see it, I normally won’t put it up. More people should really think about that.

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