#1- Feb. 9, 2011

Prince William and Kate go LIVE! by mallory898 

Great post Mal! I follow this “Royal Couple” regularly so I will definitely be reading the live website. I, too, am surprised by them having a link to Facebook, but again it just goes to show how popular the usage of social media is today. This being said, even the prince is socially connected!! I am very excited to continue following them and their wedding plans up until the date of April 29. It is sure to be an overly extravagent event!!

#2- Feb. 10, 2011

Kim Kardashian by emilyyehia:

Wow! Emily I had not originally seen this commercial during the Super Bowl and was a bit shocked after watching it. When you think of the Super Bowl, you imagine families gathering around the television to watch the big game and commercials. This family time also includes young children, which I do not feel should be viewing commercials such as these. Although Kim Kardashian is well-known for her “sex-appeal,” I do think there should be a filter in the time and manner in which these commercials should be televised.

#3- Feb. 3, 2011

Rejected by allie3dunne

Wow! As I sat watching this commercial and reading your blog and information on it, I found myself to be stunned. I was unaware that a company, such as this one was even in exsistence. However, I am personally glad to hear that FOX has denied them the right to advertise this commercial during the Superbowl. With the Superbowl being such a large event and attracting millions of viewers, including small children, content such as this is unacceptable.

#4- Feb. 3, 2011

Too much Skins, Not Enough Advertising by melissamrodriguez

I think it will ultimately be very interesting to see if the show lasts on MTV. With so much controversy and debate with it from the very beginning, I think it is personally doomed for failure. The reality of it is, if more and more advertisers continue to pull their ads like they have been doing, then there will no longer be any financial support for the show to continue. I think this show was just a disaster waiting to happen. It will be very interesting to see what the future holds for this show!

#5- Feb. 4, 2011

Energizing the Groundswell by amerante


I really enjoyed your presentation on “Energizing the Groundswell” on Monday. I thought your use of examples with the company E-Bags was great! Your group was very organized and knowledgable of the topic, as also shown through this blog!

I love the points you made regarding the need of customer trust. It is such a key component of building a reputable brand.

#6- Feb. 6, 2011

Do our eyes always tell us the truth?! by dnlong322


I sat here in amazement watching this video! His ability to create such fascinating and believable illusions is amazing. I also enjoyed watch the longer version of the video and seeing the rest of his tricks that are up that sleeve of his! I thought you might enjoy this video of illusions that I came across myself. Check it out!

#7- Feb. 6, 2011

Commentary by mallory898

Mallory, I really enjoyed reading your blog on the importance of commenting on other’s blogs.
As a beginner blogger myself, I found this particular article on blog comments to be extremely helpful:

I agree that the use of comments can help benefit blog users in a variety of ways. Additionally, writing comments on others blogs can help facilitate more viewers to your own blog. So who knows, maybe others out there will read this post and decide to come view my blog, as well.

#8- Feb. 10, 2011

Facebook vs. Twitter by emilyyehia

I also had mixed feelings about using Twitter before our PR Strategies class. As a frequent Facebook user, I guess I was a bit timid to use something new that I was not used to. Thanks to this class and Barbara’s help, I have learned so much more about Twitter and how we can use it to network. Like Kayla said above, I do still prefer to use Facebook because it is what I’m most comfortable with and I feel it is easy to navigate. However, I am glad I have broadened my horizons in the world of social media and opened up to other websites, like Twitter.

#9- Feb. 12, 2o11

Social Media in Times of Natural Disasters by mishkacampbell

What a terrible time and disaster for these countries. I also had a very dear friend from my church living in Japan. It was through Facebook that we were able to reach him, while also allowing others to know he was ok on our church’s facebook page. It just goes to show how the use of social media really does keep the world connected today and how even in times of disasters, it can be extremely beneficial.

#10- Feb. 15, 2011

80’s Dresses! by dnlong322

Hope your shopping adventures went well, Nicole! I have to agree I am definitely not a fan of the 80′s look either. The big sleeves and puffy dresses aren’t my ideal of “fashion.” And I have to admit, I can’t stand when attending 80′s throwback parties because I can never seem to find something to wear that I actually LIKE. However, the red dress you have pictured here is smoking hot! You will definitely be the “belle of the ball” wearing something like that! I love it! Hope your shopping trip went as planned and you were able to find something similar!

#11- Feb. 16, 2011

How to combat phony Facebook profiles by Russel Working

I have to agree that I cannot believe the extent people go to in order to misuse the power of communications. As a frequent Facebook user, I am very skeptical of who I choose to add or not add as friends because of these very reasons. Before reading this post, I was unsure of the precautionary measures that social media sites, such as Facebook, are implementing to help stop this issue. It is nice to know they are tightening their security measures to help protect people, businesses, and other various users. Although I do not think this is a problem that can ever be fully solved, I think social networking sites should continue implementing their security features as much as possible to help prevent these issues from further occurring.
#12- Feb. 18, 2011
I am not one bit surprised by these facts! Just as you said, no place is sacred enough today to have the cell phones stashed away for good. We all know of particular places (such as church, airplanes, ect.) that are not appropriate for their use, but continually we will see people doing it. However, it does surprise me a bit that 70% of people feel comfortable actually talking on the phone while using the restroom. I thought texting would have a higher percentage. Cell phones are in use everywhere these days, even sometimes in the dirtiest locations!
#13- Feb. 20, 2011

I really enjoyed reading through all of these funny statistics! Great job on getting American’s true perspectives of this Irish holiday! I often find it funny how people without the slightest bit of Irish ancestry claim to actually be Irish, and it is only one day a year, March 17! I really enjoyed seeing the t-shirt statistics on what shirt people would choose to wear on this holiday and the differences between the men’s and women’s choices. Great job!

 #14- March 1, 2011 

This is probably the worst music video ever – and it has 9 million views by Alan Pearcy

I am in shock after watching this 13 year old girl sing about “getting down on Friday.” As far as the nine million views, I am sure people are just passing it along and showing it to others making fun of it for how terrible it really is. By terrible, I mean this in both an ethical and literal sense. No girl should be singing suggestive lyrics such as these at that age.And to be honest, I am not sure how she got a recording contract to begin with!

#15- March 3, 2011

Have you seen the Jennifer Aniston viral video everyone is talking about? by Michael Sebastian

I loved this video and Jennifer Aniston’s sense of humor. As a big fan of hers, I enjoyed watching her make a viral video and found humor in her calling it a video with a virus. I think she is a very down-to-earth actress with a lot of talent. From a public relations standpoint, I think she was very smart in doing a shoot like this and for marketing an eco-friendly brand of water. Way to go, Jen!

#16- March 5, 2011

Its Game Time by Joe Citro

I really enjoyed reading this post! As a huge college basketball fan, I am constantly looking for new and innovative ways to stay connected. Of course, this year is no different and I will continue to follow each game to compare to my own bracket. I was not familiar with Bracket Bound before reading your blog, so now I will definitely be checking it out to see what all it has to offer!
This year is extremely special because my sister and I have tickets to the Final Four in Houston! March is definitely the best time of year in my opinion!

Bring it home, Kentucky! BIG BLUE NATION!

#17 – April 8, 2011

The Perfect Summer Experience by Erin McDonough 

What a wonderful opportunity, Erin! This truly seems to be such a great organization and I am sure you will have an amazing experience working with them. As a former Disney performer myself, I know just how impacting and rewarding the experiences working with these children can be!I just recently completed my internship, as well! Take in every moment of it. I am sure it will be such a wonderful experience! Have fun and enjoy your summer working with the Florida Hospital for Children!
#18- April 11, 2o11

Sangria for a Toddler? by amerante

Wow! I was first attracted to this blog post by the interesting title, but then to find out this accident actually occurred in Lakeland is so shocking. I would have to seriously question the management at this Olive Garden because how could a mix-up of this high of a degree actually occur? The restaurant is very lucky they are not being further reprimanded for this incident. What a crazy story!

#19- April 14, 2011

Shoes That Are Not Taken For Granted by amerante

I also chose this blog post from Erin to add to my blog as a “Guest Blogger” segment. I thought she did a wonderful job explaining the organization and the principles behind it. Also, this is a topic that we are all very interested in since we met Blake last year when he came to Florida Souther. Erin did a great job depicting the work of this company and the impact it is making on society.

 #20- April 17, 2011

Million Dollar Mommies-To-Be by erinmcd1288

Erin! I am also a big fan of Bravo TV, but have not had the time to watch this particular show yet. It seems very interesting and something I would enjoy watching! I have to agree that this was an ingenious plan of entrepeneurship. This is a prime example of knowing your target audience and how to reach them, a topic we have discussed throughout the semester in pr strategies.

#21- April 19, 2011

Senior Citizen Causes Millions to Lose Internet Access by melissamrodriguez

I agree, I find it very amusing just even thinking about what would happen if this were to occur in the United States. We are so dependent upon the internet now for so many different things. Without access to the internet, how would people check their email, get their online news, blog, Facebook, and Tweet. It would be absolute madness. I guess we should just all be thankful it did not occur in America and hope this will not be an issue for us in the future. They will definitely have to find a way to hide the cables from scavengers to ensure that internet connections are not lost.

#22- April 20, 2011

 Chilis restaurant in Chicago allegedly served alcohol to a 4 year-old by Michael Sebastian

An incidence much similar to this one just occured where I am currently living, in Lakeland, Florida. A 2 year-old child was served sangria in his sippy cup at Olive Garden. The mother reported him acting out strangely and it was later discovered that it was not orange juice in the toddlers cup. Olive Garden took the blame in this case and insists it will take precautionary measures in the future to ensure this does not happen again. I am astonished to hear of all these cases of toddlers consuming alcohol at restaurants around the nation. This must immediately be stopped and further precautionary measured need to be implemented, in my opinion.

#23- April 20, 2011

Networking is like Dating: 6 ways to succeed in both areas by Samantha Hosenkamp

I found this post to be very insightful and creative. You did a wonderful job of taking an aspect of our everyday lives and thoughtfully relating it to networking. Although I think listening (#5) is very important, I think people these days often forget to remember thanking the person. This is a huge aspect of both dating and networking, and a step that should never be forgotten or skipped (#6). It is essential you always remember to thank the person to show your appreciation and gratitude for their time.

#24- April 21, 2011

PR Crisis averted? Lawsuit targeting Taco Bell’s beef withdrawn by Michael Sebastian

As a college student, I have many friends and know of many people that take part in the late-night Taco Bell runs. However, I am not one of those students because I agree that anyone who looks into it obviously knows that fast foods are not the best things for us to be consuming. It is obvious that these food chains do not serve 100% pure meat. Although Taco Bell ultimately did go on to win the case, I feel as if this will hurt their future sales because of how others now view the company. It is much like the “sleeper effect” studied in public relations, people will only remember that Taco Bell was accused of only having 36% pure beef. Consumers will not remember the source of this evidence or the ulitmately outcome, just the “gossip” topic itself.
#25- April 21, 2011
As a college student that frequently uses social media and is very attached to my blackberry, this piece of etiquette advice regarding technology is something I try to remind myself of on a daily basis. I know just how distracting it can be when sitting next to someone in a class and they are texting throughout the entire lecture. The same applies to the dinner table, as it can really be a distraction to the conversation taking place. It is also widely frowned upon to do these things in certain public settings, so in order to maintain a well-kept image for ourselves it is important to keep these etiquette tips in mind when utitlizing technology today.
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