Defining Social Media

When we define a word or topic, there is usually the direct definition and then there is our own personal opinion or thoughts on it.

As a part of society, we build our own definitions to particular topics and create our own assumptions pertaining to it. This same concept applies especially to social media.

With the rapid growth of social media throughout the world today, it seems as if everyone defines it differently. In a blog post compiled by Adam Vincenzini, he asked people to create their own definitions of social media.

Listed below are some of the responses he received on his blog, Comm’s Corner“.

@JasonPeck social media is the platforms, tools and content that enable quicker, deeper and more personal connections, communication and collaboration

@jennifersherlock To share your thoughts, passions, love of life and most of all to network, and bond in ways that were never thought of just a few years ago

@MarisaCorser SM bypasses traditional media gatekeepers, giving you instant access to the most powerful, influential, & informative minds in the world

@NadiaSaint Social media is communicating with – rather than talking to – a target audience. It’s about respect, context and (above all) common sense.

@carolinebosher SM lets me traverse the globe and meet amazing people from my living room. Its a constant support network full of opportunity & serendipity*

@SophiaLS> SM lets you look, learn, listen, connect, chat, smile, refer, recommend, act, lobby, fundraise, reward, promote and so much more

@chrish10 Engagement & collaboration across many levels. individuals,companies,charity;anyone with a voice and who can listen

@Beth_Carroll Social media is about building relationships and harnessing those relationships to build networks and interact

@swonderlin Social media is a revolutionary tool – bringing thoughts & ideas together from every corner of the world and in all facets

@glennhilton Socialmedia lets us share our unique take on our interests; to listen, learn & grow & to find great ppl to connect w/ as we journey together

@ChiaraCosenza SM is a set of online tools that allowed the democratization of communication worldwide through accessibility, simplicity & entertainment.

@lucysofiano Its a revolution of waterfountain gossip, cocktail party banter & has opened my world to new and exciting people, possibilities and places*

@Tyronevh It’s the integration of interaction with technology tools allowing one to interact, explore and most importantly learn from one another

There was even a definition provided by my professor, Barbara Nixon, who explained social media as the following;

@BarbaraNixon Social Media provides a new way for us to listen to, learn from, laugh with, and (lol) even loathe each other.

So after reading several of these personalized definitions of social media, I guess it is time to create my own.

Social media allows us to communicate, callaborate, and connect with others building relationships and personal opportunity and growth.  

I find it extremely interesting that people have such different outlooks on this one single topic and how they each personally define it.

But, that is what makes social media truly unique. It benefits each and every one of us in an entirely different way and enables us to utilize the resources it has to offer differently.

So, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to using social media. Go out there and dream in it and achieve it! 🙂


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One Response to Defining Social Media

  1. allie3dunne says:

    I really liked your definition of what social media is, I found it really hard to come up with a short and sweet definition. I also really liked all the definitions you picked to post for Adam Vincenzini’s blog there were so many to pick from that it was a little overwhelming. I do agree with your last statement as well that that social media really has no stopping point, it can be as continuous as you want. Social media also lets each person have there own personal definition of what social media is to them which is what really makes social media great and continuous.

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