Christina Aguilera’s New Rendition of the National Anthem

Christina Aguilera, a five-time grammy winner and well-known pop vocalist, had the opportunity of a lifetime this past Sunday. Many people were calling it her best career opportunity yet. That was until, Christina created her own rendition of our National Anthem at this year’s nationally televised Super Bowl.

Christina, a pop icon know for dressing in a “burlesque” style, switched things up looking extremely professionally in a black blazer and pencil skirt. By the looks of her wardrobe, she was there and meant business.

The vocalist began the song amazingly in my opinion, but it was not less than a minute into it that Christina began twisting the lyrics. She sang, “what so proudly we watched, at the twilight’s last reaming.” Obviously not the correct lyrics of our nation’s anthem, but honestly who doesn’t make mistakes?

She went on to finish the song with a big bang, blowing the audience and viewers away at the Dallas Cowboy’s Stadium. Christina later apologized admitted that she was just extremely nervous and was caught up in the moment.

In my opinion, I think this is entirely understandable. Critics are giving Aguilera an extremely hard time, but it was not like she couldn’t remember the words all together and just froze. She ultimately finished the song very strong and only messed up on one line of it.

Yes, you could argue that it is our country’s national anthem and it was on national television, but despite being a celebrity she is still human. People make mistakes and I feel as if she handled herself in a very professional manner and pulled through strong in the end, despite what critics are saying.

On the bright side, at the very least we know she was singing it live! Give the girl some credit! 🙂

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