The Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Foursquare

In the world of social media, we are beginning to see more and more people using Foursquare. This is a service that allows users to “check in” at different places they are visiting.

The use of Foursquare can be very beneficial from a business standpoint. It enables users to see where people are hanging out, whether it be bars, restaurants, parks, museums, or a variety of other locations.

This can be an exceptional marketing resource for businesses through the use of social media sites. With so many people connecting on Facebook and Twitter, businesses can help promote their name and reputation on these sites with people frequently “checking in” to their location.

Personally, I think it is a very neat and benfecial application. I feel as if it is a great way for businesses to support and promote themselves. Also it is very beneficial to users themselves, as they can see where their friends are and learn of popular “hotspots” in the area.

Although I do think this application definitely has many beneficial services to offer, I think it has its drawbacks, as well. I personally do not choose to use this service, as I do not want people knowing the “exact” location of where I am at and when.

I think for certain age groups, it can be a bit scary. With the increase of online predators today, people must be careful with the information they post. As a young lady in only my early 20’s, I don’t feel quite comfortable with posting the exact details of my location for anyone to view online.

As I stated before, I don’t think that this application is bad for all users. In many ways it can be extremely beneficial. However, I think it is just important to be aware of what you are posting and realize the things that could come from it.

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