“Good Ride” Life

“From an ocean tide to an 8 second ride, whatever your rush may be … Do it with passion and do it in fashion, for today, I’ll live out my dreams. Life’s a ride, make it a good one!”

As I prepare this week for my final presentation on my internship, I decided I would like to write a PR connection topic in regards to the company I have been working for.

The quote above is the motto of “Good Ride” Life, a clothing company based out of Ocala, Florida. I began as a model for the clothing line this past summer and was later offered an internship position, which I happily accepted.

As an intern there, I have had the opportunity to travel all across the nation promoting this clothing line and marketing the company’s name and motto.

“Good Ride” sponsors several professional athletes including bull riders, motorcross competitors, surfers, and skaters.

Hannah Morton Casper, owner and founder of “Good Ride” Life, truly believes in the company motto and encourages others to live by it. Afterall life is a ride, therefore we should strive to make it a good one.

Most recently, I traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to a horse show and worked promoting the clothing line. Check out a video taken at the Dixie Nationals Horse Show and learn more about “Good Ride” Life.

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