Life of a Bachelor

As an avid viewer of ABC‘s romance reality series, The Bachelor, I am getting overly anxious for the upcoming season finale.

The episode will air on ABC March 14 at 8 pm. Down to only two women, Brad Womack will be choosing which girl he will ultimately propose to and spend the rest of his life with.

Chantal O’Brien and Emily Maynard are the final two remaining contestants. As a small-town, southern girl myself, I am most definitely hoping Brad chooses Emily.

Originally from Morgantown, WV, Emily now resides in Charlotte, NC where she is an event planner for a children’s hospital. She has a 5 year old of her own, with NASCAR driver Ricky Hendricks, who passed away in a plane crash.

Following the tradgedy, Emily discovered she was pregnant and claims her daughter, whom is also name “Ricki,” is the biggest blessing to her life.

Emily is truly the epitome of the perfect southern belle, with her long blonde hair and deep southern draw. In my opinion, Brad couldn’t resist her charm and beauty.

However, monday’s episode will tell all, as Brad will be forced to send one girl home and propose to the other.


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One Response to Life of a Bachelor

  1. mallory898 says:

    While I’m usually an avid watcher of the Bachelor, I did not really watch this season. However, I did watch the season premiere. The person who caught my attention first was Emily because of her story. I think it’s amazing she can go on public television and tell everyone the biggest tragedy of her life and proceed to fall in love with another man. Taking a chance on a complete stranger after the loss of a fiance is very bold and brave. TEAM EMILY! She deserves it!

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