The Benefits of Podcasting

According to InStat, 275 million people own portable media players in the world today.

For obvious reasons, podcasting has grown to be extremely popular today. Although I am not a regular listener of podcasts, I have learned many interesting facts about them and their benefits.

Podcasts allow listeners to tune in to a variety of topics, depending on one’s own personal interests and hobbies. Another great thing about podcasting is it enables people to listen whenever they want, making it convenient and easily accessable.

So why might it be a smart decision for companies to begin utilizing podcasts? They essentially can be extremely beneficial in a variety of ways.

The thing I personally like most about podcasts, is that as a busy college student I am able to multi-task while also listening to specific topics that interest me. This is very beneficial to companies using podcasts because in the extremely busy world we live in today, it allows for media sources “on-the-go.”

Podcasting for business purposes is also extremely smart because it places a voice with the company. You are no longer just another logo or brand. It helps to set you aside from your competitors, enabling you to a build stronger relationships with your target audience.

Listen to Andy Traub’s testimonial on how podcasting changed his business. Watch the video below to see the “podcasting answer man” explain how and why podcasting was the best thing he ever did for his business.

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