International Polo Club: Life of the Rich and Famous

I have looked forward today to updating my blog about my exciting weekend. It was literally one of the best times of my entire life and I would like to share the experience with you.

This weekend, I traveled with my aunt, sister, and several of our friends to the International Polo Club of Palm Beach, Fl.  

The epitome of “southern class“, the gorgeous facility is home to 3 polo fields, a golf course, pool, members lounge, and other various amenities.

This being my very first polo match, I enjoyed the experience greatly and took in each and every moment. We began our day with a VIP brunch at the Polo Club Lounge at 2 pm.

At 3 pm, the action had begun and the coin toss took place on the main lawn of the polo field. Guests present for the coin toss were famous designer, Betsey Johnson and television’s celebrity couple, Bill and Guiliana Ransic.

The two teams playing, Team Audi and Team Hawks, were competing for a spot in the final match for Piaget Gold Cup.

Polo matches consist of 6 innings, with a break following the third inning. At intermission time, everyone makes their way out onto the polo field for the famous “stomping of the divots.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the match! At this time, they also serve champagne and ice cream on the field.

My family and I enjoying a glass of champagne at intermission.

After a fun time on the field, everyone returned to their seats to watch the final half of the match. It was at this point, I had my most exciting experience yet!

I was approached by a videographer for Polo Magazine, who asked if he could interview me for the “Best Dressed” segment of the Internation Polo Club. As a fashion fanatic, I gladly accepted!

He asked me several questions about my outfit, including the designers I was wearing from head to toe. Ironically, I was wearing a Betsey Johnson dress, a designer I mentioned earlier that was in attendance for the coin toss.

Following the interview, he informed me the segment would be published in Polo Magazine.

Overall, my first polo match experience was unbelievable and I truly made memories on this day that I will never forget.

For those of you traveling to the Palm Beach area, I would highly recommend visiting the International Polo Club, for a fun-filled day of sophistication and tradition.

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