Benefits of Using PROpenMic

When first asked to check out the PROpenMic website, I was not sure what the site was about or had to offer.

After signing up and joining, I learned that PROpenMic is a social networking site used to connect people in the field of public relations. With nearly 6,700 members, the site connects students, faculty, and practitioners.

As a student myself, I have found this site to be extremely beneficial and useful. Now a junior at Florida Southern College, the reality of finding a job is really beginning to set in.

PROpenMic helps to relieve a bit of that stress, as the site offers several useful resources to students preparing to enter the work force.

I found the jobs/interns page to be extremely beneficial. As I just completed my first internship, I am constantly looking for more opportunities within the field of public relations to further pursue.

Also, I was very impressed that students could directly upload their resumes to the site for public relations professionals to view. This is a very beneficial tool to help market yourself, as well as your skills. It also opens up the door for others to reach out to you on potential job opportunities and internships.

Another feature I really like about this site was the resources page. This page updates members on current news in the field of public relations, political news, and also posts the latest job and internship opportunities that have been added to the site.

I am very glad I was introduced to this site and will looking forward to staying connected with it in the future. Again, as the pressures of soon having to find a job begin to sink in, I am finding myself taking advantage of all these opportunities to get myself out there.

In the world of business it truly is all about who you know. This site helps you expand your horizons and meet the right people in the industry!

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