Martin Waxman Explains Modern PR

By listening to a recent interview with Martin Waxman, I was able to learn a variety of information regarding the field of public relations today and what we as pr students, need to do to continue moving forward with the industry. He also went on to further explain what steps people should take when looking to get hired into the field of public relations and this was a section of the interview I found to be particularly interesting.

As the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc., Waxman is no stranger to the industry. He also has a podcasts that he continually updates on a weekly basis.

Within this interview, he really emphasized the importance of using a variety of social media outlets to reach your audience. It is essential you understand the target audience you are trying to reach and approach them in the proper way, upholding both the qualities of integrity and honesty.

Beyond this, Waxman also emphasized the “basics.” He said before hiring a potential employee, he would look at his or her blog to see how many grammatical errors were present and look at their spelling. In the field of public relations, we often tend to look at things on a very broad spectrum. However, sometimes it is just as important to go back to those very basic concepts like spelling and make sure you are doing things correctly.

I was surprised to hear Waxman put so much emphasis on the traditional skills of public relations (surprised in a good way that is). Because the world of public relations has changed so dramatically because of social media, I feel like people often seem to forget that the basics are just as important as well.

I really enjoyed listening to him talk about the importance of utilizing both tradition and modern skills, and combining them to create a strong public relations foundation.

As a student getting ready to enter the field of public relations, I would like to know more about what Waxman looks for when potentially hiring someone. He had some very insightful information to share within this interview and I would just want to probe him more on what steps students could take to make themselves even more marketable.

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