One Mann’s Opinion

By listening to a screencast with Kneale Mann and Barbara Nixon, I was able to continue expanding my knowledge of the world of social media, learn about the importance of blogging and commenting, and much more!

Kneale, who has his own blog One Mann’s Opinion, is “a twenty six year marketing and media veteran who provides business, marketing, and social media strategy for small to medium sized private sector clients through YouIntegrate. He is also a marketing and social media strategist with the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing for public sector, not-for-profit and association clients.”

After reading this excerpt before listening to the screencast, I was shocked to soon find out that Kneale had only begun blogging two years ago, himself. Although he is fairly new to the world of blogging , he truly is a veteran in the world of media and marketing and had so much helpful advice to share.

Personally, I really enjoyed his advice to new bloggers. I think this is something I, as well as many of my classmates, can relate to. Before taking this social media course, I did not post on my blog regularly. I often would find myself struggling to find topics to write about and would quickly lose interest in the post and push it aside.

Kneale’s advice was extremely helpful in showing me a different way to approach blogging. Rather than forcing yourself to write about topics that do not interest you, he suggests to pursue topics you enjoy.

When you find yourself writing about things that interest you, you are more likely to continue writing and producing your best work on your blog. This was a piece of advice that I took from this screencast that I am most definitely going to implement into my own blogging techniques.

Another very useful piece of advice that Kneale had to offer was to not worry about your number of readers. He suggested that as beginning bloggers, we focus and put more emphasis on what we are writing about rather than how many people we are reaching.

Like most things in life, things will ultimately fall into the “right” place and Kneale suggested the same with your logistical numbers toward your blog. As a beginner, you cannot expect to have immediate success and a huge following.

In the interview, Barbara mentioned that Kneale posts nearly every single day on his blog. I would like to know how he finds the time to have such a successful career and is able to update his blog so frequently, as well.

Overall, I found this screencast to be extremely beneficial. I know in the future, I will utilize many of the tips that Kneale discussed to hopefully help further my blogging skills.



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