Videos Go Viral

Although they may be short and simple, viral videos have become extremely popular within society today. Videos are now reaching millions of viewers within only a 24 hour time period, resulting in them going “viral.”

I can personally say I enjoy looking up these popular videos on Youtube and watching them during my free time. I will also pass along videos that I found particularly funny to friends for them to view and share with others, as well.

This continues in the growth of viewership that these viral videos receive. Also, people often post videos on their Facebook statuses or walls to share with others. This is where I often initially find out about certain viral videos and join the trend of watching them.

I find the videos that take place in natural setting and that are real life occurrences are the most funny ones. This ultimately makes the video that much more memorable and funny.

Below, I will share with you two of my favorite viral videos.

The first is “Charlotte takes a tumble.” This video is of  a large woman singing on top of a wooden coffee table. You can hear the wood creaking and suddenly, as the title gives away, Charlotte takes a tumble straight to the ground.

Although I am sure the fall did hurt very much, it is almost impossible for viewers to not laugh at this instance. Knowing it is real and not staged makes it, makes it that much more funny. Check it out and see if you find her fall to be as funny as I did my first time viewing it.

Another classic one in my opinion, is a clown who dances to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. As she proceeds to head bang her head in a dance move, she literally does just that, straight into the side of the television.

I think this video is particular funny because again, it is a real life occurrence and setting. The people in the video are real and it is obvious it was not staged. Watch Single Ladies Gone Wrong below and see if you think this viral video is worth the 8,104,020 views it has already received!

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One Response to Videos Go Viral

  1. erinmcd1288 says:

    That first video is so funny! I have never seen it before! The second would be too if I wasn’t absolutely terrified of clowns! You make such a good point when you talk about how much the fall must have hurt for the woman in the first video! It’s sad how funny people find other people’s pain! I do it all the time though, even to people I know. I don’t feel as bad for the lady in this video though; she did kind of set herself up for it.

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