Miss Maine USA Drops Out

Emily Johnson, a now former Miss Maine USA, recently announced she would not be going on to Las Vegas to compete for the title of Miss USA.

The pageant, which is owned by Donald Trump, is normally held in Las Vegas in April. However, due to conflicts the pageant itself was moved to June.

This made it difficult for several state titleholders, including Maine’s Emily Johnson. She has ultimately decided that her conflicting matter is more important than competing for the title of Miss USA and will be resigning as Miss Maine USA.

Although the beauty queen does get to keep her glistening crown, she is being forced to hand over her title, all appearances and prizes.

Ashley Marble, first runner-up in the state pageant, now has the golden ticket to Las Vegas and is the newly crowned Miss Maine USA. She will compete on the stage in the Miss USA phases of competition, as former Miss Main, Emily Johnson attends her sisters wedding.

I was a bit shocked to see this headline on my newsfeed today. As a former pageant state titleholder, it is something I lived and breathed for throughout my childhood and teenage years.

However, much like Emily Johnson, I do not think I could ever lose sight of what the more important things in life are. Family definitely falls in the “most” important category for me and no title would be worth missing my own sister’s wedding.

I am sure there are some people out there that feel differently. However, I feel that it is a shame Johnson is receiving criticism for withdrawing herself from the national pageant because of family conflictions.

These girls have a great deal of influence on young girls in society today and I feel as if Emily Johnson has set one of the best examples yet, by emphasizing the importance of family.

How do you feel about Miss Maine USA’s decision to withdraw herself from the national pageant in Las Vegas?

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3 Responses to Miss Maine USA Drops Out

  1. erinmcd1288 says:

    I do not necessarily follow pageant news or watch the Miss USA and Miss America pageants on a regular basis. However, this is really interesting to me. I think that this move shows a lot of character in the former Miss Maine. It definitely makes me have huge respect for her. I can’t imagine having to give up on such a huge dream, but her reasons are admirable. I agree with you that this is a great example for the young girls who see these women as role models. this a a great post Courtney!

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  3. mallory898 says:

    I agree that family is more important then anything. However, if I was her sister, I would feel so guilty that she was missing out on this opportunity. I would probably move my wedding so I could watch my sister compete for something very few people get the chance to do. I do agree with you guys though that family comes first. I just wish there was some alternative for her so she could do both.

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