One Mann’s Opinion

By listening to a screencast with Kneale Mann and Barbara Nixon, I was able to continue expanding my knowledge of the world of social media, learn about the importance of blogging and commenting, and much more!

Kneale, who has his own blog One Mann’s Opinion, is “a twenty six year marketing and media veteran who provides business, marketing, and social media strategy for small to medium sized private sector clients through YouIntegrate. He is also a marketing and social media strategist with the Centre of Excellence for Public Sector Marketing for public sector, not-for-profit and association clients.”

After reading this excerpt before listening to the screencast, I was shocked to soon find out that Kneale had only begun blogging two years ago, himself. Although he is fairly new to the world of blogging , he truly is a veteran in the world of media and marketing and had so much helpful advice to share.

Personally, I really enjoyed his advice to new bloggers. I think this is something I, as well as many of my classmates, can relate to. Before taking this social media course, I did not post on my blog regularly. I often would find myself struggling to find topics to write about and would quickly lose interest in the post and push it aside.

Kneale’s advice was extremely helpful in showing me a different way to approach blogging. Rather than forcing yourself to write about topics that do not interest you, he suggests to pursue topics you enjoy.

When you find yourself writing about things that interest you, you are more likely to continue writing and producing your best work on your blog. This was a piece of advice that I took from this screencast that I am most definitely going to implement into my own blogging techniques.

Another very useful piece of advice that Kneale had to offer was to not worry about your number of readers. He suggested that as beginning bloggers, we focus and put more emphasis on what we are writing about rather than how many people we are reaching.

Like most things in life, things will ultimately fall into the “right” place and Kneale suggested the same with your logistical numbers toward your blog. As a beginner, you cannot expect to have immediate success and a huge following.

In the interview, Barbara mentioned that Kneale posts nearly every single day on his blog. I would like to know how he finds the time to have such a successful career and is able to update his blog so frequently, as well.

Overall, I found this screencast to be extremely beneficial. I know in the future, I will utilize many of the tips that Kneale discussed to hopefully help further my blogging skills.



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Ray Lewis: A Dream to Make Polk County a Better Place

A graduate of Kathleen High School and now NFL star-player for the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis has returned to his hometown of Lakeland with hopes to make a difference in the community and help youth at risk.

Founder of the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation, it is his dream and mission to provide personal and economic assistance to troubled youth.

He is greatly known for being a strong leader both on and off the field, who has the desire and will to make sure things get done. Well-known for all of his charity work in the Baltimore area, Ray now wants to bring that back to his hometown and make this community a better place.

Lewis said in an interview with the Lakeland Ledger, “This has always been a dream of mine. This is the ultimate. We have all the beautiful people of our city come together for one common goal – not to make money or any of that stuff – but to affect lives.”

The Ray Lewis Foundation kicked off its series of events with a charity bowling tournament held in Lakeland at Orange Bowl Lanes on March 31. Ray was in attendance, as well as many other celebrities including Bo Jackson, Roy Jones Jr., Doug Williams, and Ahmad Black.  

As the reigning Miss Lakeland, I was fortunate enough to be a part of these events as well. I attended the bowling tournament and bowled as one of the “celebrity bowlers.” It was truly such an amazing event to see all of these people come together for the common cause of making our community a better place.

After meeting Ray Lewis and spending time with him before the tournament, I learned he truly is a man of such inspiration and desire. His determination to help this community makes him such an admirable role model to others and I was so grateful for the opportunity to particpate in this charitable event to help benefit the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation.

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Martin Waxman Explains Modern PR

By listening to a recent interview with Martin Waxman, I was able to learn a variety of information regarding the field of public relations today and what we as pr students, need to do to continue moving forward with the industry. He also went on to further explain what steps people should take when looking to get hired into the field of public relations and this was a section of the interview I found to be particularly interesting.

As the president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc., Waxman is no stranger to the industry. He also has a podcasts that he continually updates on a weekly basis.

Within this interview, he really emphasized the importance of using a variety of social media outlets to reach your audience. It is essential you understand the target audience you are trying to reach and approach them in the proper way, upholding both the qualities of integrity and honesty.

Beyond this, Waxman also emphasized the “basics.” He said before hiring a potential employee, he would look at his or her blog to see how many grammatical errors were present and look at their spelling. In the field of public relations, we often tend to look at things on a very broad spectrum. However, sometimes it is just as important to go back to those very basic concepts like spelling and make sure you are doing things correctly.

I was surprised to hear Waxman put so much emphasis on the traditional skills of public relations (surprised in a good way that is). Because the world of public relations has changed so dramatically because of social media, I feel like people often seem to forget that the basics are just as important as well.

I really enjoyed listening to him talk about the importance of utilizing both tradition and modern skills, and combining them to create a strong public relations foundation.

As a student getting ready to enter the field of public relations, I would like to know more about what Waxman looks for when potentially hiring someone. He had some very insightful information to share within this interview and I would just want to probe him more on what steps students could take to make themselves even more marketable.

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Benefits of Using PROpenMic

When first asked to check out the PROpenMic website, I was not sure what the site was about or had to offer.

After signing up and joining, I learned that PROpenMic is a social networking site used to connect people in the field of public relations. With nearly 6,700 members, the site connects students, faculty, and practitioners.

As a student myself, I have found this site to be extremely beneficial and useful. Now a junior at Florida Southern College, the reality of finding a job is really beginning to set in.

PROpenMic helps to relieve a bit of that stress, as the site offers several useful resources to students preparing to enter the work force.

I found the jobs/interns page to be extremely beneficial. As I just completed my first internship, I am constantly looking for more opportunities within the field of public relations to further pursue.

Also, I was very impressed that students could directly upload their resumes to the site for public relations professionals to view. This is a very beneficial tool to help market yourself, as well as your skills. It also opens up the door for others to reach out to you on potential job opportunities and internships.

Another feature I really like about this site was the resources page. This page updates members on current news in the field of public relations, political news, and also posts the latest job and internship opportunities that have been added to the site.

I am very glad I was introduced to this site and will looking forward to staying connected with it in the future. Again, as the pressures of soon having to find a job begin to sink in, I am finding myself taking advantage of all these opportunities to get myself out there.

In the world of business it truly is all about who you know. This site helps you expand your horizons and meet the right people in the industry!

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International Polo Club: Life of the Rich and Famous

I have looked forward today to updating my blog about my exciting weekend. It was literally one of the best times of my entire life and I would like to share the experience with you.

This weekend, I traveled with my aunt, sister, and several of our friends to the International Polo Club of Palm Beach, Fl.  

The epitome of “southern class“, the gorgeous facility is home to 3 polo fields, a golf course, pool, members lounge, and other various amenities.

This being my very first polo match, I enjoyed the experience greatly and took in each and every moment. We began our day with a VIP brunch at the Polo Club Lounge at 2 pm.

At 3 pm, the action had begun and the coin toss took place on the main lawn of the polo field. Guests present for the coin toss were famous designer, Betsey Johnson and television’s celebrity couple, Bill and Guiliana Ransic.

The two teams playing, Team Audi and Team Hawks, were competing for a spot in the final match for Piaget Gold Cup.

Polo matches consist of 6 innings, with a break following the third inning. At intermission time, everyone makes their way out onto the polo field for the famous “stomping of the divots.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the match! At this time, they also serve champagne and ice cream on the field.

My family and I enjoying a glass of champagne at intermission.

After a fun time on the field, everyone returned to their seats to watch the final half of the match. It was at this point, I had my most exciting experience yet!

I was approached by a videographer for Polo Magazine, who asked if he could interview me for the “Best Dressed” segment of the Internation Polo Club. As a fashion fanatic, I gladly accepted!

He asked me several questions about my outfit, including the designers I was wearing from head to toe. Ironically, I was wearing a Betsey Johnson dress, a designer I mentioned earlier that was in attendance for the coin toss.

Following the interview, he informed me the segment would be published in Polo Magazine.

Overall, my first polo match experience was unbelievable and I truly made memories on this day that I will never forget.

For those of you traveling to the Palm Beach area, I would highly recommend visiting the International Polo Club, for a fun-filled day of sophistication and tradition.

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Life of a Bachelor

As an avid viewer of ABC‘s romance reality series, The Bachelor, I am getting overly anxious for the upcoming season finale.

The episode will air on ABC March 14 at 8 pm. Down to only two women, Brad Womack will be choosing which girl he will ultimately propose to and spend the rest of his life with.

Chantal O’Brien and Emily Maynard are the final two remaining contestants. As a small-town, southern girl myself, I am most definitely hoping Brad chooses Emily.

Originally from Morgantown, WV, Emily now resides in Charlotte, NC where she is an event planner for a children’s hospital. She has a 5 year old of her own, with NASCAR driver Ricky Hendricks, who passed away in a plane crash.

Following the tradgedy, Emily discovered she was pregnant and claims her daughter, whom is also name “Ricki,” is the biggest blessing to her life.

Emily is truly the epitome of the perfect southern belle, with her long blonde hair and deep southern draw. In my opinion, Brad couldn’t resist her charm and beauty.

However, monday’s episode will tell all, as Brad will be forced to send one girl home and propose to the other.


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The Benefits of Podcasting

According to InStat, 275 million people own portable media players in the world today.

For obvious reasons, podcasting has grown to be extremely popular today. Although I am not a regular listener of podcasts, I have learned many interesting facts about them and their benefits.

Podcasts allow listeners to tune in to a variety of topics, depending on one’s own personal interests and hobbies. Another great thing about podcasting is it enables people to listen whenever they want, making it convenient and easily accessable.

So why might it be a smart decision for companies to begin utilizing podcasts? They essentially can be extremely beneficial in a variety of ways.

The thing I personally like most about podcasts, is that as a busy college student I am able to multi-task while also listening to specific topics that interest me. This is very beneficial to companies using podcasts because in the extremely busy world we live in today, it allows for media sources “on-the-go.”

Podcasting for business purposes is also extremely smart because it places a voice with the company. You are no longer just another logo or brand. It helps to set you aside from your competitors, enabling you to a build stronger relationships with your target audience.

Listen to Andy Traub’s testimonial on how podcasting changed his business. Watch the video below to see the “podcasting answer man” explain how and why podcasting was the best thing he ever did for his business.

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